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Upgrading to Mastodon v2.6.0rc1 means in my Mastodon profile fields, I can finally get my website to verify that my website is my website. Totally worth the upgrade!

I found out my S-Video capture card got damaged in storage, so I guess I've got to buy a new one of those at some point. At least they're pretty cheap, but I would have liked to have streamed some N64 today!

Last week I streamed a planning session for National Novel Writing Month on Twitch, and it went a lot better than I expected it to go, so I'm going to do another one tonight. It'll be good practice for when I stream every day in November for the actual novel!

I was going to stream some more NaNoWriMo planning tonight, but a friend started streaming and I lost track of time, and now it's half ten, and most of my viewers are European. I guess I'll stream tomorrow or Saturday instead!

Sweet, it arrived. Time to put this thing through its paces!

I've also heard people say they're interested in starting a new British or European politics Discord server, which I'd probably be interested in helping with, but from experience, politics on Discord is treacherous territory. Maybe I'll ask around to see if they're still interested.

I have an empty Discord server that I've been sitting on for years that I should really open up to the public, but I also have empty Matrix and XMPP servers that I'd sooner use, so I shouldn't really be surprised. Maybe next Twitch stream I do, I should just publicise the invite link and see what happens.

I bit the bullet and ordered a mechanical keyboard, which should arrive tomorrow. It'll be my first one. Ended up choosing a Ducky One2 instead of waiting for the Shine7, though I'm only really missing out on RGB lighting and a zinc alloy frame. It's got Cherry MX Blues, whatever that means!

I drew this earlier. I drew a nose and then scribbled a dog around it, or about as much of a dog as I knew how to.

Maybe I should learn to draw?

I'll have to wait a couple days before I can buy it either way, though. Maybe I'll have changed my mind or forgotten about it by then.

I spent over an hour drawing the letter g with my new graphics tablet, and I made a vaguely cool looking logo design, and now I'm tempted to buy a domain name based off of it. All with absolutely no idea what to actually do with it.

This isn't the first time I've done this.

While testing out my new graphics tablet, I drew the best g I have ever written in my entire life. I should post this to r/PenmanshipPorn and get a whole 3 karma for it.

I'm not saying I'm a badass, but I bought drinks at Brewdog and the total came to £6.66.

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