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It looks like the new trains from my house are going to go to London Marylebone via Coventry. That's good; I prefer Marylebone to Euston anyway. I look forward to finally being able to get direct trains to London now!

I'm really feeling the fall of LastFM. My music recommendations have never been as good as they used to be back in the day. I should probably try to find a suitable alternative.

I'm in a "mellow out and listen to slowcore" mood today. I think I'll make a hot chocolate, put my feet up, and hibernate.

I finally went ahead and emailed Rode support about getting a replacement pop filter for my microphone. Worst case scenario, they won't have any and I'll just buy a normal pop filter. I'll miss the integrated look of the one it came with, though.

From what I read, Rode have good customer support so I may be in luck. Here's hoping!

I have no idea what it is, or have any idea how to use it, but my server now works with IPFS. Maybe I should read up on what it actually does.

The best thing about having an entire server all to myself is I can run updates and restart it whenever I want and nobody will complain. If I shared it, I'd have to do an announcement or schedule it or something. What if I want version 1.33.4 of something or other RIGHT NOW instead of in a couple hours?

I've just got done at the gym, and got a pretty good workout. It's become very clear I haven't done any proper exercise in over ten years, though. Here's to getting my fitness back!

It's taken me weeks to realise that CWs are perfect for telling jokes and hiding the punchline. Have I got some terrible puns to share or what.

It''s probably not a good idea for me to stay up until 5 in the morning again. Plus, I actually really like sleeping. It's probably my biggest hobby right now.

Google Play Music has started recommending me melancholy dance music, and I can't say I hate it. I'm currently listening to "Scattered into Light" by "Sun Glitters". Good stuff.

I'm kind of enjoying my sabbatical from Twitch streaming, but I also know I should probably get back to it eventually. Maybe I should start with some casual gameplay before getting back into speedrunning?

Just done listening. That was a good album. That was a good album.

I'm over halfway through, and I can already tell this is the best work Low has released in a long time. I think I'll be listening to this one a lot.

I finally put on the new Low album. It's pretty good so far. The first track "Quorum" feels really good on my ears.

One cannot overstate the value of spending a day doing absolutely nothing at all.

Looking forward to doing absolutely nothing until Monday.

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Updating libidn broke mastodon because it depends specifically on and version 1.35 comes with I fixed it by copying the file and renaming it.

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