@Zeny I thought it was a pretty cute little thing when I watched it! I liked Whitney's character.

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you can speedrun but you can't speedhide

@spottyfox It's definitely worth getting some if you see any!

@spottyfox I actually really like Soda Folk's Root Beer, though I also have a soft spot for Bundaberg.

@rkniner @tomiscw I logged out and back in again and didn't get the message. I'll assume that means I'm safe.

@tomiscw I feel like the only person who hasn't had this message yet.

@Sir_Boops Good call. I've muted dozens of bots on that instance.

@Rybark There's a Picross S 2? I should probably dig out my Switch...

The Wikipedia article on Joe's Own Editor might have my favourite line of text that has ever been written.

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@supahvaporeon That's fair! Don't feel pressured into using Mastodon if it's not for you!

I feel like the fact that I just put the heating on for the first time means summer has officially ended.

The weather has got a damn sight colder today. I might even have to put the heating on. I didn't think I'd feel this nostalgic for a bloody heatwave.

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