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Sweet, it arrived. Time to put this thing through its paces!

I drew this earlier. I drew a nose and then scribbled a dog around it, or about as much of a dog as I knew how to.

Maybe I should learn to draw?

While testing out my new graphics tablet, I drew the best g I have ever written in my entire life. I should post this to r/PenmanshipPorn and get a whole 3 karma for it.

The Wikipedia article on Joe's Own Editor might have my favourite line of text that has ever been written.

Updating libidn broke mastodon because it depends specifically on libidn.so.11 and version 1.35 comes with libidn.so.12. I fixed it by copying the file and renaming it.

Don't mind me, I'm just joining in with the sidekiq posting:

I've got a pretty neat little keycard to use, too! And from what I've read, one of the gyms in my town has a sauna and steam room. I look forward to partaking in those...

One of my favourite things to do when I visit a new city is seek out their independent third-wave coffeeshops. One of the best placed I've discovered over the years is Tilt, in Birmingham. They also do craft ales here, so it's a really nice place to pay a regular visit.

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This is another piece of artwork I had done of my wolf character Earfolds. This one was done by CamCartoonFanatic/OHMYRICHARD -- I'm going to have to get him to draw me again some time, because I love his toony art style!

In the interests of putting more artwork on the timeline, these two are pictures of my least weasel character Twelve. I like to think of this as his two moods, happy and BITEY.

Happy is by CamCartoonFanatic/OHMYRICHARD, bitey is by FatalSyndrome/VermStudio

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I had this sketch made to perfectly encapsulate my inner struggle. On the left is Earfolds, a wolf. On the right is Twelve, a weasel. The weasel is sassin' back. The wolf is givin' a time.

Thanks to UselessDemonicMutt for the art.

The perfect Mastodon instance name doesn't exi-

(Thanks to @Hulex and @cafealopex for making me aware of this delightful domain name!)

This might be the nerdiest t-shirt I own. I'm pretty happy with it. Can't wait to wear it where someone might recognise it.

Something about installing Microsoft DirectX on Linux feels a little immoral to me...

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