Wordpress 5.0 comes out next month, and for no discernable reason, i"m eager to install it and mess around with podcast hosting stuff that I'm never going to use.

Welp, I ended up installing the beta of 5.0, and figured out that making a podcast is literally as easy as making a post with an audio file linked in it. It then gets picked up automatically by podcast apps. So that's nice.

Next I guess I need to figure out how I want the podcast to sound, and who I want to host it with me, if anyone.

I made a pretty nice logo already, though!

@earfolds I missed this. What's the topic you're going for? :o

@Trysdyn Politics would be the most obvious choice for me, given my background! There's probably enough room for one more voice talking about British and European politics, maybe with a less formal tone too.

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