One of my favourite things to do when I visit a new city is seek out their independent third-wave coffeeshops. One of the best placed I've discovered over the years is Tilt, in Birmingham. They also do craft ales here, so it's a really nice place to pay a regular visit.

@earfolds I've never heard a bad review about Tilt, I really should check it out sometime ^^

@equium I'd certainly recommend it over Faculty any day, honestly!

@earfolds I recently rediscovered an old coffee shop called Billy Goat Cafe that I thought had closed down but turns out it just moved.

This only problem is they had these seriously addictive cinnamon rolls and I'm trying to be better about my diet.

But knowing they're still out close...

@WhiteClaw I can only imagine the mental torture of having the best cinnamon rolls in the world within a stone's throw and having to limit yourself.

@earfolds I’m sure this is a rather noob question, but what are the coffee shop waves?

@wolfin the first wave refers to standard coffee as it was first introduced, the second wave refers to places like Starbucks and single-origin beans, and the third refers to things like micro-roasters. It's a bit like the difference between, say, Belgian beer and microbrewery-made craft beer.

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