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Three times this week I've had mastodon have weird inexplicable errors that were coincidentally fixed after upgrading to the latest version. I wonder if the folks on pleroma or misskey ever have to deal with stuff like this?

The fediverse is feeling really spooky today. 👻

I guess I should have installed the telegram-matrix bridge earlier. It works so well that I'll probably uninstall Telegram everywhere and just stick to Riot from now on!

Windows is telling me that Windows is not responding and is asking me to end the Windows process, but the dialog that is telling me that Windows is not responding is also not responding.

I heard that wasabi is down, and I also heard that a lot of mastodon instances use wasabi so they're all having problems. I, on the other hand, host everything from my own servers, so if they go down, EVERYTHING breaks, not just images. Woo!

I logged into my old soundcloud and found a couple songs I forgot I made. Thus was years ago, back before I had a proper microphone or anything, so I ended up recording guitar and my voice over my laptop's crappy built-in microphone and processed it a bunch to make it sound like percussion. It'll be a fun project to remake these with a proper setup!

I'll just add that to the list of things I want to do but need to find the time for, I guess!

I have a pretty busy November ahead of me, what with NaNoWriMo novel writing, planning a podcast, and stepping up my Twitch streaming again. I think for the next four days, I should resolve to do as little as humanly possible, and enjoy it.

@koyu I agree that it's not the best adblocker around. I use uBlock Origin. But Google announced the adblocker in July last year and implemented it in February.

As proof of how out-of-touch I am with Windows, I had no idea until just now that you can't input Unicode characters in any web browser if they include keys that conflict with their built-in keyboard shortcuts. Edge conflicts with D, Chrome conflicts with D E F, Firefox conflicts with B D E F, Opera conflicts with D F, and Vivaldi conflicts with B E F, but you can at least disable them in Vivaldi.

So, at least in this one metric, Edge is better than all other major browsers out of the box. Woo?

Speaking of Discord, it's nice to see some furries on the open-source Riot/Matrix already. I'm wondering if it's worth publicising a chat room more for people interested, given it's a bit like an open-source, federated clone of Discord. Maybe even ask the snouts admins about running their own matrix instance?

@shadow8t4 Hey, I see you have a Matrix homeserver. I think a few people on here are on there. It might be worth making a public room at some point? I was thinking of waiting for the Riot redesign, but if people are already on there...

I just spent an hour looking for a song where I didn't know the title, the band, the exact year it came out, how the song sounded, or any of the lyrics, but I know the middle word of the title was "and". This is going to bug me for a while...

My dying laptop crashed about five times tonight. I think I've strung it along for long enough. Time to actually build a PC! First step is a case, right? Is Lian Li still cool?

Welp, I ended up installing the beta of 5.0, and figured out that making a podcast is literally as easy as making a post with an audio file linked in it. It then gets picked up automatically by podcast apps. So that's nice.

Next I guess I need to figure out how I want the podcast to sound, and who I want to host it with me, if anyone.

I made a pretty nice logo already, though!

Wordpress 5.0 comes out next month, and for no discernable reason, i"m eager to install it and mess around with podcast hosting stuff that I'm never going to use.

Given things like Plume and Funkwhale exist, it seems like there should be something out that that would let you host a podcast and have it federate using ActivityPub or something. Tomorrow I'm going to dig a bit deeper into this and figure out a way to do it, for sure.

Failing that, there's always Wordpress and RSS, though.

Weirdly enough, I can't seem to verify my own website on my own website, despite having the correct rel="me" attribute in a link back and everything. I'll assume it's just a bug in the release candidate and forget about it until the next update, I guess.

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